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Project Description
{3S} SQL Smart Security is an add-in which can be installed in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). It enables software companies to create a secured content for database objects. The add-in brings much higher level of protection in comparison with SQL Server built in WITH ENCRYPTION feature.

Project Web Site
For much more information about {3S} SQL Smart Security, please visit the official web site at

Donate a licence for Express Edition of MS SQL Server
You can show your appreciation for {3S} SQL Smart Security and support future development by donating! I strongly feel that {3S} SQL Smart Security for Express Edition of MS SQL Server should remain free of charge as my gift to the online community. I ask and appreciate for any amount of a donation. Please note that donations to this SSMS Add-In are not tax-deductible for income tax purposes.
Thank you!

Project Banners
{3S} - SQL Smart Security: MANAGEMENT

{3S} - SQL Smart Security: BACK-UP

{3S} - SQL Smart Security: ENCRYPTION

{3S} - SQL Smart Security: WITH ENCRYPTION

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